Compelling Reasons Why To Hire A DUI Lawyer

Compelling Reasons Why To Hire A DUI Lawyer

When you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, in Pennsylvania, you will be in deep trouble. Operating a motor vehicle after consuming too many alcoholic beverages is a criminal offense and can land you in jail. If you cause an accident while drinking and driving, you will be in even hotter water. You will need a lawyer specializing in DUI. In Erie, fines can be steep, which means that you will need a good defense attorney. With the right legal counselor on your side, the penalties can be vastly reduced.

Hiring an attorney who knows a thing or two about DUI in Erie has many great benefits. They include:

• A skilled lawyer has the ability to reach plea deals. You may pay fewer state fines and look at less jail time. If you caused an accident, the payment to the victims can possibly be reduced.

• If there are any technical mistakes in the case, an experienced DUI lawyer will find them. The charges against you could be dropped and the case thrown out.

• Because of the severity of some situations, a legal counselor dedicated to DUI in Erie will always be available to his clients.

• Everything you discuss with your DUI attorney is protected by attorney/client privilege. It is completely confidential, therefore, be completely honest with your lawyer, so he can build a stronger case.

• Familiar with all the court personnel and judges, a local DUI attorney can create delays in your case until you receive a more favorable judge.

• When involved in a DUI in Erie, a lawyer will have less trouble subpoenaing a police officer’s report about your traffic stop or DUI accident.

Be smart if you do not want to lose your livelihood, savings or freedom. Hire a DUI lawyer for your defense. There is often more at stake than you can imagine!