DUI Consequences

DUI Consequences

It might be late, you already violated a law or rather we can say that you had committed a crime. Yes, DUI is not just a violation but considered as a criminal act that will lead you to face serious consequences. Perhaps you have an idea of this. Consequences may vary from one state to another but commonly, you will be discharging your dollars for fees and fines, spend a night or two in the jail or the suspension of your license. These experiences will greatly haunt you for the rest of your days and will be tattooed in your life.

Problems and Consequences

1. Difficulty in getting back The License

Once your license is suspended, your car insurance provider plays an important role in the situation. It is not only an insurance provider but a proof provider which will prove that you are liable enough to get back your license. You may think that it is easy to convince the car insurance provider to give you a total proof but there is a complication. Asking why? Well, to tell you, most provider cannot easily give insurance to drivers who are being convicted of driving under the influence or simply DUI. Actually, you have an option of getting a high-risk car insurance or let your current provider keep you given that you will be charged an amount.

2. Employment Problem

One of the important things to survive is to have money. I bet that you readers will agree with my statement. Practically speaking, money is essential as we are living in this chaotic community. Almost all things that we do may cost an amount. We need money in buying foods, shelters and some other necessary things. People are trying their best to be employed to gain salary for their survival. At present, most companies are requiring a background check to the applicants. And it is not good to see in your background that you have a DUI experience. Practically, your chance of getting hired is lower as compared to the chance of a person who has a clean background. Well, because of the numerous applicants, there is a big expectation that you will be in the waiting list because an employer will surely look for a person who is greatly qualified with no negative records especially DUI. I know that this is a sad fact but it is a reality. Always remember that we are living in the world full of competitions so we all competing with each other to land on a job; and a single edge of a competitor may ruin our chance of getting hired. Put in you mind always that DUI has a great negative impact in our background.

3. A Lifetime Nightmare

Driving under the influence may give you a true nightmare of a lifetime. Actually, spending a night in a jail and paying fees, the low percentage of getting a good job, and the feeling of embarrassment in the society are things that could never be forgotten. But what if you hit an innocent person while driving? Maybe, your conscience will haunt you especially if he died or paralyzed.