First Offense DUI in Florida

Not only do you increase your chance of being in a wreck when you drive under the influence of alcohol, but you also increase your chance of being spotted by a police officer. When pulling you over in Florida, you could be asked for a number of things, like: taking your blood, urine or a breathalyzer test.

The Implied Consent Law in Florida is recognized by your when you sign your driver license test in Florida. Upon signing this document, you have agreed to comply and take these tests when requested by an officer. If you refuse any of the tests, the first result is an immediate suspension of your driving capabilities for one year. If you refuse for a second time, you’re subject to an 18-month suspension of your driving capabilities.

Florida penalizes heavily for DUI first conviction, fines can range from $250-500, you’ll receive a hefty 50 hour community service stint, a paid (by your) trip to DUI school for 12 hours, and probation for 12 months or less. Jail time can be 6 months or less, and dependent upon your blood alcohol level, if it is.08 or higher with a minor in the vehicle it could be 9 months of less. Lastly, you’ll have your license revoked for a minimum of 180 days.

The reasoning behind the strict Florida DUI law implies that no one can truly drink alcohol and drive safely, creating a hazard for everyone. Not only does it cause a headache for those involved, the revoking of Florida driver’s license, higher insurance rates, but it can also cause death to yourself and those around you.