Some Basics Of DUI

Some Basics Of DUI

Because of the rapid cases of road accidents, government in the United States evaluated the main cause of it. And it came up that the top reason of a numerous road accidents is associated with a driver under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. That is why US government implanted a law against driving under influence or what is commonly called as DUI.

At present, DUI is considered to be a serious driving offence in America especially in California and other neighbouring states. Persons who are being caught of driving under the influence of an alcohol or any other drugs (it may be sometimes have prescriptions) will surely face a serious consequence. For example, a certain person will undergone a field sobriety test and his or her blood alcohol level will be determined. If his or her blood alcohol level will reach up to or above 0.08, then the probability of arrest is big. Well, the worst is, his or her license will be suspended if found guilty.

We surely know that a lot of people are still driving under the influence of alcohol without thinking about the risk it takes. This is not only evident in United States but also in Asia, Europe and any other continents all across the globe. But we have to remember that this action could risk our life and it is against the law. We may be living in the different country with a different rules regarding this matter but the punishment remains serious and nearly the same.

If you are wondering when will be a certain individual be charged of DUI, well it is when he or she is intoxicated of alcohol or drug in the sense that he of she is not capable of driving right DUI charges are not only implied to cars, trucks, and other land vehicles but also to boats and aircraft. Some countries especially in the United States of America implant a great offence to a person charged of Driving Under the Influence like other criminals.

Test For Charged Individual

I mentioned above that the common action done by the law enforcement officer is testing the alcohol level of the driver. Thus, the widely used term is BAC which is the abbreviation of Blood Alcohol Concentration. Usually, the blood alcohol concentration is being measured in terms of milligram. Mostly, it may be 0.05% or lower but there are other several cities and countries that implements a zero percent tolerance level. Anyway, some of the tests are one-leg stand test, horizontal walk and etc.

The number of offence is also considered, For example, if an individual is a first time offender, he or she may be only charged a lesser fine. This may come in a day imprisonment or social service. There is also a probability that his or her license will prone to suspension. As for the one who is caught several times or the repeat offender, there will be a big possibility that the vehicle will be impounded.