Cyber Stalkers Can Be Identified and Prosecuted

Cyber Stalkers Can Be Identified and Prosecuted

Many cyber stalkers believe that because they are in cyber space that they are undetectable and unstoppable. This is not only a fool hearty way of thinking, it is also hugely inaccurate. Just because a person may not be able to be seen does not always mean that a person cannot be identified, located and prosecuted, should it become necessary. Any time a person uses the Internet they leave traces of themselves behind. These tracks can then be used to lead right back to that person and allow their identity as well as other key information to be revealed to the proper authorities.

An internet investigation known as a reverse email look-up can find out a vast array of information about cyber stalkers simply through the trace of the email address that has been used to send threatening or intimidating communication. Some of this traceable information includes their name, address and phone number, place of employment, internet service provider and browser type, location, computer operating system and websites visited. This information can then be used to take further action against these individuals should this step become necessary. This type of investigation has proven very successful in the identification of cyber stalkers and makes it much easier to stop the occurrence of cyber stalking before it gets to seriously dangerous levels of violence and intimidation.

A reverse email look-up should not be confused with websites that claim to offer this information instantly and without charge. These websites are not recommended because they often are not effective or even accurate. Sometimes the information that is required by these websites to obtain this information is not secure and can often be seen by anyone, which makes it even easier for cyber stalkers to target an individual. This is the primary reason it is suggested that you leave this process to the experts who are trained in reverse email look-ups.

Trusting a trained professional to conduct this type of trace will ensure that the information you are provided is not only accurate, but your information is kept confidential at the same time. This makes it a much safer way to get the information that you need to pursue further action should the need arise. In the event that this investigation does not result in providing you with the necessary identifying information most investigators will not charge a fee for this service under the no hit, no fee policy.