Choosing Divorce Solicitors – Helpful Advice

The breakup of a marriage and divorce proceedings are an emotional time for everyone involved. Understandably, at such an emotional time the last thing you want is to be inundated with legal wrangling and theory. Subsequently divorce solicitors are frequently used to carry out the proceedings, but how do you choose a legal service?

Personal recommendations are one of the best ways to find divorce solicitors. It is always a good idea to speak to friends and family about solicitors they may have used in the past, especially if they have been used successfully in divorce proceedings.

It is also good advice to understand what you need from your solicitor, for example, if you are more comfortable with female representation or would like an older solicitor then it is wise to have a checklist of these opinions. Equally you may only want a solicitor that charges a flat fee rather than by the hour or choose someone that is close by for added convenience.

Many solicitors will offer short initial consultations for free so it can be wise to meet a few to see which is the most likely candidate. Ultimately you want to find a professional that has a good approach to the work; also you typically want an understanding solicitor that will be able to give your honest advice on the matters in hand. At this stage there is little point in keeping anything from your lawyers, ultimately it is only by giving them the entire facts that you will get an honest opinion of your chances during the case.

Fundamentally you need to find a solicitor that specialises in family law cases, this is vital as without knowledge of the wider legal issues they are a less useful resource to you. In addition you also want a legal representative that is above all, contactable. There will be frequent times where you will have to make contact with your lawyer and it is only by having an easy way to contact them that the process will be as easy as possible.

Ultimately when choosing divorce solicitors it is advisable find a professional that combines an understanding and sympathetic attitude with legal adeptness and extensive knowledge of family law. It is by getting this balance that you have the best chances of keeping stress down to a minimum throughout the entire process.