Do I Pay Child Support If I’m Not The Biological Father?

I married a woman who had a minor child, but pretended she did not know who the father was. Now we are getting a divorce and my wife is under the impression that I will have to pay child support for my stepdaughter. Will I have to pay child support for my stepchild even though I am not the biological father?


First, let me preface my answer by stating that even though I am licensed to practice law in the state of Kentucky, I am unable to provide you with specific legal advice related to your question as I am unfamiliar with all the facts of your case.

In most states, the law will require a father to provide support for his biological children. In addition, there are some states that require non-biological fathers to provide support, if they were part of the child’s life since the beginning, held themselves out to be the father of the child and the child only knows that man as the father.

I don’t think that applies to your case because the child in question knows that you are not her biological father and that child should not be a part of the divorce proceeding since she is not your minor child.

For a rough estimate of the monthly amount of child support you will, or should, be paying you can find child support calculators online. Keep in mind that these are only rough estimates and should be deemed as fact in your case.

You should contact an attorney in your jurisdiction before taking any action in your case to get specific advice to your case. Cordell & Cordell has men’s divorce lawyers located nationwide should you seek legal assistance.