Is Libel An Intolerable Condition?

As our society changes the way it communicates and interacts, our laws and legal definitions must either stretch or be changed to meet the needs of the society they work to protect. One of the changing methods of communication in our culture centers around the impact of the blog. Any person may now publish their thoughts in public sight and they may be viewed by huge numbers of people with often unseen results. But at times the impact of a person’s words in print are not always so vague or anonymous.

Certain states have regulations that allow for fault-based divorces for certain intolerable conditions. Many of these conditions deal with abandonment and abuse, but could also be interpreted to include situations of libel or slander. Indecencies attributed from one spouse to another to justify a legally enforceable separation. Libel based on blog content or some other internet-based medium may be considered by a court to be an intolerable indecency.

People are want to consider the impact of their words at times. With an increased visibility of a person’s writings or thoughts through social media, new facets of libel charges may begin to develop. As new definitions and precedents are set, the impact in peoples lives may be felt in new ways.

Marriage and its perception has been shifting along with other societal norms. Social media and blog post may have more of an impact than spouses may know on their potential divorce or legal separation case, and as such, individuals need to be very careful of what they say and do if they are preparing for a divorce.