Getting Visas for Family Members

Make sure to discuss your case with a NYC work visa attorney. The following outlines a few of the steps necessary for welcoming your loved ones into the country. Should you have a question or concern about any of them, discuss your case with qualified New York work visa lawyers:

File an immigrant visa petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This is a document that you complete on behalf of the person you wish to bring over. You must provide proof of your relationship with that person, as well as other necessary documents.

Once your petition is approved, the government must determine if there is an available visa for your family member for that year. Only a certain number of visas are granted per year in various work categories. If no visa is available, you may have to re-petition next year, or talk to your work visa attorney in New York City.

If your relative is already living in the U.S., have that relative apply for a change of status to lawful permanent resident after his or her visa number comes up. Certain documentation will also be required for this change, including a medical examination copy and police certificate. Be sure to have all your documents in order before submitting your application, as a New York City immigration lawyer might have to review it.

If your relative is living outside the U.S. when a visa number comes up, that relative must visit the U.S. consulate to complete the application.

However, the application of your relative could be denied for a number of reasons, including the fact that he or she was convicted of a serious criminal charge. If this is the case with your loved one, contact a work visa lawyer in New York City to determine your options.

Contact New York City work visa attorneys today. If you are looking for a New York work visa lawyer with experience, dedication, and understanding, it is ideal that you first do some research. You may want either call directly or send an email. Either way, make sure you look into all of your available options.