New Zealand Earthquake – Jobs for Skilled British Workers

Life is beginning to get back to normal since the powerful earthquake which struck New Zealand’s second biggest city Christchurch in the early hours of Saturday 4 September 2010. The nature disaster caused widespread damage to buildings and the city’s infrastructure. The quake registered 7.1 on the Richter magnitude scale has devastated the east coast of the island could provide hundreds of jobs in New Zealand as they begin to rebuild the city.

Many locals are concerned that the clean operation may be hampered by the lack of skilled tradespeople within the city and country. With an estimated 100,000 homes affected by the earthquake, rebuilding the city may take years rather than a few months. If you are bored of your current working environment and would like a change of scenery New Zealand could be the perfect destination for you!

If you are a qualified electrician, carpenters or work in construction you could help New Zealand fill the skill shortage of tradespeople. The immigration office in Christchurch has reopened and they are prioritising applications to help rebuild the devastated areas on the island.

Plumbers, builders and other contractors from Auckland that initial indicated that would go to Christchurch to help rebuild the city but none had actually committed to the clean up process. Politicians believe it is impossible to know if Christchurch would need additional assistants from neighboring cities.

Leading analyst estimate around NSD$ 2 billion has already been spent on rebuilding Christchurch and this tragedy may help the country climb out of the recession which has been the worst for a decade.