Select Either the Eb5 Regional Center Or Traditional Eb5 Visa

If you are looking to get into the United States within a few months, you might be interested in the eb5 visa program. This is a fast track to not only getting into the U.S., but also investing in a new or existing business. You can choose between a few options when it comes to the investor’s visa, and you can read on to help decide which one is best for you.

If you have a business plan in mind, a goal of owning your own business, and $1 million to spend, you can take the traditional eb5 visa pathway. This requires you to put $1 million into a new or existing business, and either hire or keep employed at least ten U.S. citizens. Of course, if the business does not do well, you risk losing your money and your ticket to the U.S. through this program, which means that you should develop a business plan that can work in the real world.

Some people are not comfortable with this path, but still want to take part in the eb5 visa program. Such people may be interested in using an eb5 regional center instead. This requires you to invest $500,000 in a project that is usually run by business professionals. They will run the everyday operations, which means that you do not even have to live in the same state as the regional center. Of course, you have a bit less control when you take the eb5 regional center route since you are not in charge, but you also have more freedom in that you do not have to show up everyday to handle operations.

When comparing the two choices, think about your goals once you are in the United States. If you have always dreamt of running a business and happen to have about $1 million to invest, you should consider the traditional eb5 visa route. However, if you wish to travel around the country once you arrive, and have closer to $500,000 to invest, the eb5 regional center choice is likely best for you. Additionally, if hiring and managing employees or creating a business plan that works well is not something you think you would be good at, you may find that the eb5 regional center pathway is definitely better for you than just acquiring the typical eb5 visa. Weigh your options carefully before you choose to avoid wasting your investment and your time.