The Only Way To Destroy The Immigration Agency Fraud

In this article, I will talk specifically for those immigration ”advisers and agents” that offer visa services for Canada. Not that there are no other ”agents and advisers” offering visa services for other countries, but due to the fact that Canada is the most attractive country for the immigrants right now, and thus there are the most of them.

Have you ever been outside a Canadian embassy or consulate in any Asian country? If you have, I am sure you still have the picture in your mind. If you have not, I will describe you the picture.

There are thousands of people that are trying to get inside to submit their visa application or just to ask any question regarding their immigration process. With one word ”CHAOS”. And that’s not it, there are also another one thousand that pretend to be immigration agents or advisers and as soon as they see somebody discouraged to leave from there, they chase him and offer their services and promise sure visa.

This is the situation in most of the Asian and African countries with just few exceptions.

Now, what happens from the moment they catch a ”fish”. In most of the cases, they charge the people few hundred dollars for service fees. They tell the prospective immigrant that the whole procedure will be undertaken by the agency and very soon the visa will be issued. Unfortunately the prospective immigrants are so discouraged and due to the mentality they have, they are ready to pay anything just to get someone do the procedure for them.

There is no authority or if there is, they are so corrupted that even if a victim reports this, at the end of the day the one that will be penalized is the victim itself. I am writing all this because I have seen the situation with my eyes and also have some friends that are victim. So something should be done.

In order to find a solution for this problem we have to find the cause. The main cause is the money, and the only way to destroy those agencies is by implementing one of the two options bellow.

Solution 1.

If the prospective immigrants had enough money to hire a qualified and experienced legal adviser or lawyer this shouldn’t happen to them and most probably their dream would become reality. However the cost of hiring such an adviser or lawyer is few thousand dollars if not more.

Solution 2.

Give the prospective immigrants the full information about the procedure of applying, with all the immigration classes described completely, also offer them the complete application sets, access to job search database and step by step video tutorial, and let them complete the procedure alone.

Until recently there was no such a tool to offer them all this in one place. After some research I have made, I discovered the only one existing electronic immigration consultant that offers everything described above plus many more features that makes the procedure of applying for Canada Immigration Visa a pleasant experience. And the best is that the price for this Immigration Consultant is less than 5 % of what they have to pay for Option 1 they have.