What Factors of Evidence Are Product Liability Lawyers Looking For?

What Factors of Evidence Are Product Liability Lawyers Looking For?

Every case relies heavily on the evidence available to prove that the guilty party is in fact at fault. But if you have just suffered because of using a specific product you may be wondering what kind of evidence you can present.

Knowing that this is the first thing that you should document before doing anything else and knowing that your product liability lawyers may ask what evidence you have to support your case, this is an essential first step.

Now, let’s go get some evidence.

3 types of evidence you can present

All evidence in product liability cases hinges on the three core types of information that can be proved.


If more than one product shows the same flaw, you can prove that this is a design issue. When a problem repeats itself, it becomes the designer’s fault for the accidents that it causes. In this case, you could check into other users of the products to see if this has happened to anyone else or you could purchase more of the products to test them under the same circumstances that caused you harm.


If the design is not at fault then it generally falls to the manufacturer. The same way that you can prove the repeated issue with a design is also true with manufacturing mistakes. However, since this mistake is often not repeated, you may need to present the original product that caused you harm and have it inspected and documented as evidence.


Warnings, signs, instructions, and disclaimers should notify you of the risks before you use a product. If they do not, then you may present these as evidence. Make sure you document not just the physical copies but also all online material and advertising that they could easily change halfway through the case.

Document your injury

Last of all, if you or someone you care about suffers because of an unsafe product, make sure that you take photos of the harm that it caused, and make copies of any hospital documentation so that this can all be presented as evidence in court.

From the moment you get injured you can start documenting everything and in this way you can make your lawyer’s job easy and you can win the case with ease. With a ton of evidence to support your case, your compensation may just be moments away.

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Barbara Parson works at Los Angeles Product Liability. She has been involved with personal injury and burn injury lawsuits for the past twelve years and wants to share her knowledge with others.


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