How Business Owners Can Lower Workers Comp Claims

How Business Owners Can Lower Workers Comp Claims

Business owners will often face a wide range of different costs, all of which can have an impact on how successfully their business does financially. From the cost of managing inventories to payroll expenses, one important part of running your own business involves looking for any measures and strategies that you can take to reduce operational costs. The expenses associated with workers’ compensation insurance claims are something that business owners can control to an extent, by following safety procedures and reducing the likelihood of a claim being made.

Hire Trained and Qualified Workers

Many of the accidents that happen in the workplace occur as a result of employees failing to correctly follow the safety standards and procedures that are in place. In some cases, accidents happen because the employee was not correctly trained or qualified to handle the job that they were performing. As a business owner, you can reduce the risk of workers’ compensation claims by only hiring employees who are properly qualified for the job that they will be performing and ensuring that all relevant training is given.

Create a Culture of Safety

Safety should be the responsibility of everybody in the workplace, and it will be easier for your business to minimize the risk of workers’ compensation claims when everybody is working together to ensure that it is a safer place for everybody to be. Creating a culture of safety often involves incentivizing employees to follow safety procedures correctly, ensure that hazards are reported promptly and make sure that everybody is looking out for one another.

Prevent Fraud

In every industry, there are always going to be some fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. As a business owner, you want to do the best by your employees and believe them when they report an accident, but it is also important to be diligent about any workers’ compensation claims that you get. When claims go unchallenged, you may end up responsible for paying out to an employee for a fraudulent claim. CCTV in the workplace is not only essential to prevent thefts and other crimes, but it can also be useful for determining whether or not a workers’ compensation claim is legitimate.

Get Feedback from Employees

Despite having safety standards and procedures in place, you might find that your employees believe that there is more that could be done to make them safer and reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. Spending some time talking to the employees that perform work every day in your business can help you get a better idea of how safe they really feel and if they think that anything further could be done to help them enjoy a safer workplace and feel secure in any job that they are performing.

Workers’ compensation claims can sometimes be unavoidable. However, as a business owner, you can be in control of minimizing the number of workers’ compensation claims that your company gets by taking steps to ensure that the workplace is safe and accidents are prevented.


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