Indoor Slip and Fall Accidents – What You Need to Know

Indoor Slip and Fall Accidents – What You Need to Know

Even indoor places like inside our home or the workplace are prone to slip and fall accidents. Although indoor slip and fall risks can be considered controllable, you need to take extra precaution to avoid these risks. Now let’s take a further look at the issues associated with indoor slip and fall accidents at home.

Accidents at Home

Even in the confines of our homes, a slip, trip, and fall accident can happen if we do not conduct regular checkup of our place. Common causes of such accidents are wet floors, rickety, old stairs and unstable mat. It is very important that you fix these problems to avoid injury.

As a homeowner, you should regularly maintain the upkeep of your place. You could still be held liable for the injuries in a slip and fall accident if you neglect or you keep doing these things:

• Warn visitors that your floor is wet or slippery

• Neglect cordoning off a wet or slippery area

• Use of too much wax or polish leading to a wet floor

• Application of wax or polish on a floor in an uneven manner

Home carpeting, rugs, and doormats also cause accidents. In this regard, it is very important that you check these things regularly. The carpet you use should not be bulging or torn. The rug or doormat, on the other hand, should not have curled edges. If you see worn areas of a rug or carpet, then fix them. If you cannot fix them, it is better that you buy a new one before somebody slips or trips.

Homeowners should also check their stairs. Hundreds of slip and fall cases occur on staircases. As a homeowner, you must check your stairs if they are worn, littered with objects, and lacking handrail. A staircase treated with wax or polish is also risky.

In case you have elevators or escalators at home, you must know that they too are prone to slip and fall accidents. You may be held liable for any accident if you do not make them safe for your visitors. Accident occurs when there is a sudden or unanticipated movement like jolting on the escalator or in the elevator. If a clothing or body parts get trapped in the machine, this can also lead to an accident.

In any event that you or a loved one becomes a victim of slip and fall accident and that it was not your fault, it is advised that you talk to a personal injury lawyer.