Preventing Occurrences of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a worrisome activity that occurs all throughout the country both in nursing homes and at outpatient care facilities, such as in the home of an elderly person. It involves the physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse of an elderly person. Oftentimes, the abuser may be the very person that is relied on to provide care for the elderly person. When something such as this occurs, the elderly person is afraid to voice their opinion in fear of retaliation or the refusal of the care that they need. If you believe that your elderly family member is suffering from some form of abuse or neglect, there are several legal actions you can take.

Some of the signs that are associated with physical elder abuse include unexplained bruising, cuts, broken bones, complaints of pain, and other types of unexplained injuries. Signs of emotional or financial elder abuse can include agitation, exaggerated emotions, anger, withdrawal from public settings, unexplained and unusual behavior towards friends or family, and unexplained withdrawals or purchases from bank accounts. Sexual abuse, a very serious type of abuse seen in nursing home facilities, is signaled by unexplained bruising near the genitals or breasts, complaints of sexual abuse, and many of the other signs that indicate physical abuse. If you believe that your family member may be exposed to instances of neglect, they may be exhibiting signs such as malnutrition, wandering, dehydration, poor hygiene, and more. No matter what type of abuse or neglect you believe your family member to be suffering from, there is something you can do about it!

By bringing the situation, or potential situation, to light, you may stop the abuse in its tracks and possibly prevent a future event from taking place. An attorney will be able to thoroughly review the case, evaluate the potential danger that your family member and others are in, and investigate the situation. If it is found that nursing home abuse or any form of elder abuse is present, including an incorrect dosage of medication being prescribed by a facility’s pharmacist or medication usage for off-label purposes, the facility will be held accountable for the damage that they have caused.

This legal action will hold the abuser or abusers responsible for their wrongful actions. In turn, it may also prevent future outbreaks of physical, emotional or verbal, sexual, or financial abuse from taking place. It is very important to your loved one to get the legal help that you need and deserve in a troubling time such as this.