How to Become a Trademark Agent in India

A trademark agent or an attorney is a person who gives advice and deals which all the legal aspects of filing a trademark application to the grant of the application, opposition cases etc.

To become a trademark agent in India it is necessary to clear the preliminary exam which is the trademark agent examination which will take place once in a year.

The person is eligible to apply for the examination under the Trademark Act 1999, if he has completed 21 years and should be a graduate in any university in India or any other equal qualification or should hold a degree in law.

The Application to trademark agent examination should be made in Form TMA-1 given in Schedule II of trademark Rules 2002. The application should be submitted in triplet with a prescribed fee of Rs 1,000 to the trademark office. The candidates who are eligible to write the exam will be called for a written exam and a viva voce. The written exam will be for 150 marks whereas the viva voce will be for 50 marks. The exam will deal with the Trademark Laws and Practice from the Trademark Act and Rules.

The person who has cleared the examination will become a trademark Attorney in India. In India, trademark agent can help the clients in registering a company’s logo, name or an individual’s logo or name for their product and they have the right to deal with the clients regarding any cases related to their products.