Trademark – 7 Facts To Know Before Getting One!

Trademark Facts

1. A trademark is a brand name.

2. You do not have to register your trademark but it does have its advantages. Once you do register your trademark it will be informed to the public of your claim of ownership. You will also have the right to use the mark exclusively. Trademarks that are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office are recognized with this symbol: ® symbol.

3. If you decide to do the registration, the mark may not be used while your application is pending.

4. The law states that the first person to either use a mark or file an intent to apply with the Patent and Trademark office has the first right to use and registration.

5. Federal trademark rights last for up to 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely in 10 year increments

6. Between the fifth and sixth year of registration, Trademarks can lapse if the you cannot prove regular use of it during the first five to 6 years.

7. Once you register a trademark it will not prevent anyone else from selling the same or similar item or service. It will however prevent other people from doing so under the same or similar name or even design.

If you are considering trademark registration, a good decision is to hire an attorney. Don’t hire just any attorney. It is important to hire one who has experience with trademark procedures because every single requirement of the Trademark Act and Trademark Rules of Practice must be followed. Google independent inventors Pittsburgh or trademark Pittsburgh to find one.