Factors That Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

It’s very important for motorcycle riders and normal car/truck drivers to avoid driving dangerously. If you drive in a way that alerts dangerous driving conduct flags, then other riders will suffer for your behavior.

If you fail to yield while turning, you run a higher risk of accident. Most people who get in accidents like this don’t notice a motorcyclist coming into an oncoming lane before turning, especially for left turns. All bikers and drivers should be very aware of this possibility. As a biker you should realize that often, drivers won’t even notice you and you should be extremely careful when going to an intersection.

Not staying at a safe distance behind the car in front of you, or a safe following distance, is another huge problem for drivers. They don’t realize that motorcycles are more susceptible to damage and accident and can actually stop faster than a car, so they don’t follow you at a safe enough distance.

Shoulder passing is a big problem for bikers. Motorcycle riders may sometimes go too quickly past cars that are backed up waiting in traffic on the main thoroughfare. If the state law prohibits this, you could get in trouble for passing against the law. As a biker, you need to be aware of cars who might do the same thing, or which may move over to try to see what’s going on to cause the traffic jam. Watch, also, for dangerous objects in the road that could cause harm to the vehicle.

Watch for cars that weave between lanes, and try not to do this as a biker yourself. If you do this, you could put yourself and a car at great risk for injury. Cars usually don’t see motorcycles doing this because the vision of a car to that of a bike is impaired.

Obviously, driving a motorcycle puts you at much greater risk for an accident and even death in a collision because you don’t have the protection that a car does. If you get thrown beneath the bike, you’re almost certainly dead. No matter how much motorcycle clothing you’re wearing, you still run the risk of getting into a motorcycle accident, and of being severely injured if that happens. You should be extra careful when driving your bike, and assume the other driver will do something in error.

Also, to avoid injury or damage, you should be careful to keep your bike in sound condition. Watch tires at all times. You might want to get your fuel tank checked as well since leaks in collisions can be a huge problem if they start a fire.

Ultimately, if you do face the problem of getting into a motorcycle accident, getting a good lawyer is the best way to deal with the problems that might follow. Consult those in the area of Phoenix if you live there, or in another part of Arizona.